When is no news is better than wrong news? Maybe we should try farming or fishing?

During this med panic maybe the worse thing is we can’t see any smiles? Sounds silly but people need to see a smile and a happy face. A few years ago, a man wrote in his journal ‘if I don’t see somebody smile at me it will be my last entry’,….He committed suicide as no one smiled! He had no hope or love. Supply and demand gets altered when we panic; remember the TP crisis? Yesterday I hit a new low after I went to an office that I was told might have Covid 19…….. I started calling my doctors for the cancer operation to review. I called my insurance company, Florida Health Dept, the CDC; getting a different reply from each one. My 80 year old friend was now cussing EVERYONE including me and the TV! What should I do? Finally Pastor Dave called me back…..He stated his office help got a cold but she found out later it was no covid-19. After all this anyone for a walk in the park where we could discuss the birds, bees, frogs, ducks or flowers? JUST NO DEAD19.COM or 19DEATHS.COM today! Give me a call 561-602-1819 I need an artist for my book or a song for my podcast.!


Should any church Pastor mislead or lie to his church?

When I called a pastor’s office about a CDC and or PBC health warning sign in late June;I did’t receive a reply from anyone at that Church. On July 2, 2020 I found out I had cancer. On 7/5/2020 I went to church. The were only 20 people in church and I was the only one wearing a mask… find out what learned on 7/72020….continued battery low….

Did the Clintons…. or Sheriff Rick get some special life insurance policy on Jeff Epstein?

Some people just have high risk jobs. Consider the new arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell;what do you suppose a 10 billion dollar policy on her life might be worth to Bill Gates, Geico Ins./Buffet, Clintons or the “mob?” I wonder if Ron Brown the former commerce sec. under B. Clinton had “enough insurance” when traveling on that plane? Where can Joe get “enough insurance,” if he chooses the wrong VP? I just got 2 great domains workfear.com and fearwork.com…get them $1500 cheap…I need a new job with insurance!

Is there “sex/slave traffic” in PBC, Florida? Or are some men more equal for the “pride”?

In the moderate left Communist State of Palm Beach County …..Radical PRIDE Alpha Male Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Jeffery Epstein are treated to an assortment young lady flesh; while Irish Daniel is deprived his RIGHT to travel, vote, and work…Even sex and marriage is deprived when you have no “travel rights.  Boxpoll.com asks:

  2. DANIEL NEED A CPAC MACHINE TO BREATHE….so if you can help, tell me?

PREVIOUS POSTED ……Why did the director, Glen Becker at 954-306-9770 cancel Daniel’s second appointment at the international sleep study for May 5, 2020? A. Was Glen afraid Daniel got infected at his prior visit? B. Was Glen trying to cover up that he was dumb and didn’t know about fatal insomnia? C. Or was he bias and just hates Irish men?

Posted on May 5, 2020

 Why did the director, Glen Becker at 954-306-9770 cancel Daniel’s second appointment at the international sleep study for May 5, 2020?

A. Was Glen afraid Daniel got infected at his prior visit?

 B. Was Glen trying to cover up that he was dumb and didn’t know about fatal insomnia?

C. Or was he bias and just hates Irish men?

When a “sleep doctor doesn’t know about fatal INSOMNIA, can he be a “sleep doctor?”

I went to the international sleep institute on or about 4/20/2020. There was no sign on the building in Lake Worth. At 8 PM I called their #954-306-9770 and got no answer. I wandered around the building for a hour, asked a Sheriff who want to arrested me….and finally got a woman sheriff to google….found room 16. When I came in I was allowed to park my bike inside. I didn’t wear a mask…I was given some forms to fill out. Next wires and equipment was taken from the dresser….I asked if THEY WERE sterilize? The lady seemed not aware of what I asked. She asked that I remove my pants…I finally did so….then she started sticking wires with some goop in my hair…and some rubber stickers on my chest. This went on for some time. I waited with these wires all over my body; I was beginning to wonder how safe is this for 19 virus…. I was cold I asked why did you want my pants off? She said the doctor request…I asked where is the doctor…”He is not here.” Great, here I was with all that crap on me…with no pants so I can’t get away…. I was cold, I got 3 blankets…but woke up cold. I got 2 more blankets, but I was still cold..The want to be nurse complained, you’re cold but others are too hot. Don’t wake them up….I wonder how they complain if sleeping? MORE LATER….

FEAR of work and or fear of living? Are the masks making US fearful?

According to Wikipedia: Ergophobia, ergasiophobia or ponophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of work (manual labor, non-manual labor, etc.) or fear of finding employment. It may be a form of social phobia or performance anxiety. People with ergophobia experience undue anxiety about the workplace environment even though they realize their fear is irrational. Their fear may actually be a combination of fears, such as fear of failing at assigned tasks, speaking before groups at work (both of which are types of performance anxiety), socializing with co-workers (a type of social phobia), and other fears …”

boxpolls.com the asks which fears REALLY count the most?1. In spiders and big snakes the “fear of not having sex or being eaten by female? 2. “In the pride,”the right to sex and a family or being a beaten out cast male lion on the run? 3. In the USA, why should greedy lawyers have the right to send, out of 100 sent to prison, 93 males? Should lawyers steal a man’s money and women to make slaves out of men? Is that freedom or slavery?

What is your LIFE worth to YOU?

As far as I know, the only two dead people that died over 2500 years ago that are respected today by most Peoples are Abraham and Daniel. Maybe, most people don’t care about the dead anymore? But t most Arabs and the Jews both honor A and D. WHO CARES YOU SAY? ………. I digress.

On my last post I wrote “Anyway some guy come out of church with first name J…. and tells me how impressed he is…..”

Sherlock Homes might say Jesus, John, Jerk, James, Jim, etc. start with J………,but WHO CARES?


Woe is me? So I called godaddy.com and asked about my woeisi.com? I goto some church called NEW LIFE…. you guessed it the preacher Stan was talking about $$. So what is odd about that? He asked in a stupid way….It feels good to give….a few said amend, he asked again, and again. He got more noise from “the saints.” The preacher then talks about this 10% partnership with God plus. What the hell is that? Wait, who’s idea was it,to put that silly tree in the middle of the Garden? Was it Eve’, God’, Adam’, Devil’, or the snake’s? Was that a naked partnership that the silly woman broke because she hated sex with Adam and wanted to “try the Snake?” Anyway some guy come out of church with first name J…. and tells me how impressed he is the preacher and wants to give to that church. Yet, this fool won’t help his neighbor or himself become a free man; he just blabs how “everybody including cops are following him?” I ask him why not write a book about your ….? Use or buy one of my domains and get your story out? What is your life story worth to you? THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION was sung in 1965 as a protest song by Barry McGuire. The same year Paul Harvey in the Rest of the Story explained “IF I WERE THE DEVIL I would keep doing it the same way!” Who do you believe is closer to the Devil, men, women or snakes? The fool has said in his heart….There is no God. See woeisi.com

WHO:Dr,cops, insurance press or WHAT cause RIOTS? BUT, Who profits from them? WHY? $$$$?

Some time ago a pervert’s life was covered-up by his job and his attorney wife. Oh yes, this pervert held a job that gave him a deep respect in the village. He would go out in the day and tell the folks how to protect themselves from evil…..Yet sadly, he was the most evil one…..No I’m not talking about Bill and Hill or William or Hillary…..NOT right NOW. But you can think of the similarities OR did you like Paul Harvey’s idea of “THE REST OF THE STORY?

In 1973 a couple got married. She became an Attorney; her husband began in government with high hopes…. Could it be after a short time he got bored with his day job and married sex that he began “looking far into people lives even at night” But did he or she really look AWAY instead of helping the People? Could a “story about a comparison of evils” be the REST IF THE STORY?

Please check out the lives of Sharon Huddle and Joe DeAngelo, also now known as the Original Night Stalker. Oh yes, We have KNOWN the odd deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown and the weird use of power in Waco,TX to help the kids? But maybe Hillary a couple years after Benghazi said it best…”After all this time what difference does it make?” Yea, what difference does it make that 76 people including 25 kids and 2 pregnant women die? Weren’t Bill and Joe protected by lawyers so they still had their fun for years?

What’s the oldest religion?What’s the oldest temple? Or you care ONLY about today?

Oddly enough the oldest temple was “found in the last few years.” In Nov. 2008 Smithsonian did a short article on ‘Gobekli Tepe”. It was passed over for years as nothing….just a burial site…. But after the odd elaborate T shaped stones were dug up some began to think…Carbon dating showed that of animals offered up dated the site 11,000 BC. It is huge with at least 16 different “temples” in 22 acres of land. Yet, even more amazing it was the early temple was for hunters or meat eaters not farmers; even though most scientist believed believed that farmers had to start the first religion. Maybe we should examine the first kids?

In Genesis 4 we all know about Cain the farmer killing his brother Able. But after he says “Am I my bother’s keeper?” And he…”Lord?” said the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground. ………. But in vs 13 Cain reacts: And “Cain said unto the Lord, My punishment is greater that I can bear. Behold thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid. I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall kill me. ” Really you pig Cain you just killed your only brother and got caught; did you think you were only “protesting?” God smelled the blood…any you say Am I? ONLY, God says “I am”

Think about that. How many OTHER PEOPLE WERE ALIVE BACK THEN? So the Lord put a mark or Mask on Cain to protect him; from OTHER racists killers who lived “in the earth.” Sadly, does the killing ever end!

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