Are Bots and fraud are real, but FEAR isn’t real?

SADLY, are we in a Tulip and or Suicide market?  Sure, addictions can create problems.  Why do most everyone believe their addictions is not an addiction or is not class bias? Why is one addiction okay but other guys bad?  Do many say the more inflation or devaluations we have the better off we are?  The idea that our currency that was for hundreds of years was backed by gold and silver is now backed by what? Bitcoins or Russia, Iran, china or what? Is this smart?

Just as the little guy scrambled around for PP toilet paper, “speculators and or gambles” are looking the next “peace deal or stock company they can bribe or sell to China, Iran, Russia, etc …When the tulip market crashes, will  be enough caskets with flowers for the high flying CEO’s?  However, it may not crash for some time.  In Germany from 1923 to 1926 the debt and hate put on by “winning countries,” destroyed Germany due to hyperinflation.  The reason the        USA  had a constitution and gold and silver based government was to protect the small guy.  It should be noted the USA suffered from terrible inflation prior to our constitution.  The words “not worth a continental” represent the “this story.”  For now the suicide market letter will come out copy written in printed form first; and will be provided sponsors first.  Please note: Mulligan’s NEWS OR information my help with your investments or may actually hurt your progress if you get addicted to the wrong idea or  OVER trade.  I invest my own money; so the ability to change (add to or subtract) from my stock, future or options positions on a daily basis will be done without notification…Thus the weekly newsletter primary focus is to reduce stress, excess fat and blood pressure.  In other words the emphasis is freedom and living with reduced stress to grow, live and believe in fun and joy, even if you get cancer as I have gotten.  Isn’t the last enemy to be destroyed is death?

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