Attention DEBATE INFO for Independents,democrats, and other parties. Joe Biden took his mask off. When will he debate?

Presidential Candidate Mulligan is wishes to help the George’s family and America over come our grief…..I believe a debate with Joe Biden and Daniel Mulligan could help raise funds for their family. Yes, I’m always trying to help….FOR INSTANCE…. In almost every state people die from “excited delirium” EVERY year! According to the records I see; in Florida 35 blacks and about 50 “others or whites” have died from ED during the past 10 years! The weird thing almost ALL THE DEATHS by “excited delirium”

occur as deaths caused by a taser(s). They are also called in-custody deaths. I was tasered in 2008. Why did it take the cops TWO HOURS to get me to the hospital? Sadly, in corrupt Palm Beach County Florida the evil ones didn’t even put that I was tasered in the police report to the 15th Judicial Court! I believe my attorney, Noble Parsons made a deal with the corrupt cops to CONCEAL EVIDENCE and have my case nolle prosequi. After my attorney covered up for the cops the kidnapping and violations of the 8th amendment; he got promoted… for what…. concealing evidence that Daniel Mulligan was tasered? I found out years later the the USE OF FORCE police report was “hidden” from me and the court by evil ones !

But I digress. It is time to STOP POLICE brutality. THEREFORE, fellow Americans, please call Joe Biden and tell him a poor Irish boy called Daniel Mulligan wishes to help Joe and debate. Yes, call on Joe for his debate chance to help the George’s family TOO! Let’s do it! LET’S breathe freely and stop concealing evil and taser killings! “HELP, America breathe again.” This and all posts are copy written at by Daniel Mulligan all rights reserved phone 561-602-1918

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