HOW STOP THE RIOTS! 3 simple things that would STOP all riots….AND help pay for them!

  1. Protester are greedy; they don’t care about a guy dying as much as excitement which they have been deprived for months. NO B… BALL! You need a credit card to book a game; why not charge $100 to book a riot? Here’s how, but you need proper ID.
  2. Simply charge like they are going to a movie, play, or game or getting insurance. In this case it is ONLY $50 to get in and 50 dollars cash for food and refreshments.
  3. But what if the ….don’t have cash at the door? That’s why you should book your riot weeks in advance. I believe George Sorebut is good at that. Please got to Did I sell that but one?
  4. But what if you don’t have the green? Simple, the cops can still take credit cards at the door with PROPER ID. Without proper ID you can still get in to vote on the riot. Here is how! As you know we need blood$$$. So why not have a couple of nurses and doctors just cut off your middle finger and drain a pint of blood. This is like an insurance policy as if you die the cops can always match your finger at the morgue. NOTE DIDN’T YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO GIVE THE COPS THE FINGER ANYWAY? Mulligan’s presidential riot plan is copy written so the Biden or Trump don’t try to steal it because all rights to Mulligan’s comedy maybe reserved for the NEXT RIOT!

OUTSIDE? outside-agitators like facebook, twitter, amazone, NBC,CNN, FOX, ABC or….. geico?

What the hell is THAT lizard doing there? Remember for years the lizard Co….told the People how stupid Males screwed up everything….Oh, was that supposed to be a JOKE? Maybe, Warren Buffet didn’t evolve the lizard of men? But men hiding under a rock to come out to see the Lizard sign…Or a black weight lifter doing a traffic “geico dance” to direct traffic a joke? The cute lizard told people that men were stupid. Isn’t that what our smart doctors, nurses, hospitals, told us to do like we are an infant? The NY mayor and Governor treated our older Citizens as “babies in a snake and lizard infected nursing home. ….yes, stupid babies and killed them. I just wonder how much $$ I’d make with Komodo dragon insurance Company? My motto could be take a bite out of crime or die? Here’s another great idea for saving property from unwanted night visitors. Just place the looters in a truck with several 16 to 30 foot pythons. That’s”the rest of the story”

What happened in the George Floyd’s case? I just watched 14 minutes put out by City of Minneapolis. It shows a few cars driving but blocks out all of the people’s faces/masks all people. I remember the……. pain of being tassered in PBC,FL in 2008. But why was there a bump on my head and why did it take 2 hours for the …… cops to get me to the hospital? Long term effects are evil. Why do some become EVIL; then try to cover-up? asks has the evolution of “bot advertising” by internet groupies helped? 1) Have the ads made the People made smarter,happier, or live longer? 2) OR, have some ads made the People their slaves or their”bots”?

“I’ll be back!” bot T “I shall return”, was said by General MacArthur when forced by FDR to leave the island…. Are twitter, google, facebook: forums, news or publishers or engaged in bot ad wars? Call Senator Rubio in DC 202-224-3041 or email him: or Tell Marco to FREE Mulligan!

Are “WE The People” so dumb WE like to be fooled? When you call the Stockholm Syndrome victims fools, but enjoy watching THE PRESTIGE; aren’t you ALSO foolish? Was Daniel at boxpolls.. also fooled when he allowed two more comments from .ua or BUT, who fooled the USA the most from 2016++ China, google, Russia, facebook, twitter or .ua?

Was a comment from .ua Weird, smart or thoughtful? deleted a comment which more or less asked: what’s legal now that won’t be legal in years to come ? Was that just Ukraine fishing? However….

I believe that is a great question. While some even believing in the “drinking utopia death” of communist Jim Jones might say family drinking and guns kidnapping the poor is bad . Yet, those who understand the history of Hitler’s T-4 “medical eugenic’s programs” realize that expert doctors can do terrible things also. Due to the planned inflation and devaluation of paper…Money as we know it won’t be legal as gold; a FDR money idea. Maybe, a clear data question would be “within of the good of the first responders how many % are evil like serial killing nurse Charles Cullen or California cop Joe DeAngelo?” Sadly, when people get old they die and when families are pulled apart by government and or doctors; nobody dies in peace with no family love! Note all Posts are copy written by and and or used for press releases.

Dear CDC, NIH, FBI and FTC, I have seen internet reports in dangers of defective and or counterfeit masks being made and or being sent from China.

Since, Mulligan is “testing the waters in trying to run for President of USA,” I have received over 20,000 comments. I have received numerous bots and or comments ads on for possible supply of cheap masks. I have had to delete ads and comments as I could not determine the reliability of the product and or the benefit to Consumers and Citizens. Sadly, I believe a reused and or Counterfeit mask, may deceive the public TO FALSE SAFETY and may cause more damage than no mask, AT ALL? In light of comments by that they put on my blog, I have become more suspicious. The WHO IS data, for this .com only shows the registar which provides “privacy” to that mask company. There are other concerns regarding the possible misleading content of their comments. I believe a FOIA request might resolve the above,but I don’t have the time or resources at this time. I believe I would like working for federal government as an employee– agent informant regarding bots and counterfeits problems. I spoke to Mike at Godaddy on their recorded line on May 24,2020 regarding the possible violation of law of this mask company. If you have any questions or jobs open, please give me a call.

boxpolls asks: Why Do People try to take credit for something they didn’t invent?

A few years ago Al Gore stated he invented the internet, but he didn’t. However, one Doctor got caught. His quote: “Now with my machine, I cut off your head, in the twinkling of an eye and you don’t feel it.” Oddly enough the French LATER made a popular children’s toy out the invention. However, Joseph Guillotine lied, he didn’t invent it; he just made it popular for 189 year by his non-joke–JOKE! His family later went to the French government to change the name of the popular machine. The French replied “Why don’t you change your name!” Who stated “he that laughs last laughs best?”

Why do most animals LIVE or die according to size? While people may think big size makes them Superior or “nobility like,” God appears to know and believe little is better? A– For instance: if a very small simple bacteria or virus eats and keeps splitting up, it can live forever! It only dies when its host dies; then it “kidnaps” a new host…Proverbs 8:36 those who hate God love D So,don’t get too BIG for your…..