BIDEN fight NEWS… see my previous post “WHO does godaddy support?”

Sorry folk, it appears my computer doesn’t have the storage capacity or ability to post pictures or videos.   Sadly, at the county libraries in PBC, FL the domain selling arm called afternic is BLOCKED!  Over the last few years almost every domain I list of is blocked at the library…..So after I bought  and I was bit upset because this greedy, lying, corrupt county and or had ads for BIDEN and the Democrats on my domain.  There was nothing about the fight papers I filed on 9/11/2020.  I believe the lying China communist slime have done have taken Bilden’s family side to protect BULLILES!    Is that fair?  Remember the TP and paper towel panic?  Do the EVIL China Bullies want you to forget?   Remember the thousands of dogs CHINA KILLED  a few years ago?

Now and article in  Poison Pets   see alsoWatch Regulators Decide the Future of Pet Food at the First Ever Virtual AAFCO Conference.

Vets warn: New treats from China poisoning pets, cause acute kidney failure

The not-so-sweet sweet potatoes

Despite repeated warnings issued by the FDA about risks associated with chicken and duck jerky pet treats, veterinarians are reporting new cases of illness in dogs following the ingestion of two new types of treats. These treats have never been associated with kidney disease in dogs   – until now.

What are the treats?

This time, dogs are being affected by a new, and unexpected, class of pet treat: Sweet potato and yam dog treats.   ……

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