Dear CDC, NIH, FBI and FTC, I have seen internet reports in dangers of defective and or counterfeit masks being made and or being sent from China.

Since, Mulligan is “testing the waters in trying to run for President of USA,” I have received over 20,000 comments. I have received numerous bots and or comments ads on for possible supply of cheap masks. I have had to delete ads and comments as I could not determine the reliability of the product and or the benefit to Consumers and Citizens. Sadly, I believe a reused and or Counterfeit mask, may deceive the public TO FALSE SAFETY and may cause more damage than no mask, AT ALL? In light of comments by that they put on my blog, I have become more suspicious. The WHO IS data, for this .com only shows the registar which provides “privacy” to that mask company. There are other concerns regarding the possible misleading content of their comments. I believe a FOIA request might resolve the above,but I don’t have the time or resources at this time. I believe I would like working for federal government as an employee– agent informant regarding bots and counterfeits problems. I spoke to Mike at Godaddy on their recorded line on May 24,2020 regarding the possible violation of law of this mask company. If you have any questions or jobs open, please give me a call.

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