Did the small print “almost get a sucker”. Today I was searching for a domain in my godaddy account…. I pressed the button to buy and it was not available….So what is the “rest of the story”?

I called godaddy.com and and asked for Marcus…I spoke to Marcus. he first stated he could get the domain…but later stated he couldn’t as he spelled it wrong. Both had nine letters but he put a c where I wanted a p. Marcus said the domain I wanted has been held for 8 years so I can’t get it unless I wanted to pay a premium. After I hung up I go back to my account and the domain NOW seemed: available for $11.99. I proceed; now it is in my shopping cart….in very small letters. I start to take the domain but the price is now $1162.47! Wow, what happened? I called godaddy back and got Tony. He said you have pollzy.com. I said what… I CAN’T SEE THAT, where did that come from? I get my glasses and sure enough the tiny print shows pollzy.com… I said get rid of that…I get to thinking WHY THE SMALL PRINT FOR THE DOMAIN? Isn’t that BAD……for old farts who need glasses? Then I go back to my account….I have pollno, poll19, pollmagazine, pollsblog, pollsbook, pollweb, pollyes all .com’s. As a candidate for president do I REALLY need all those polling domains? Do YOU need one for $1500 or $777 OR…? Call Daniel at 561-602-1819. Are you chicken to call? No money? Maybe I’ll have better luck speaking like Bill Clinton. He got $500,000 for a 20 minute speech to Russia…Should I try….Presidential Stand-up comedy or am I just dreaming? Since godaddy seems to SAY they want SAND NEED your comments I called G back and got Nick. I said WHY THE SMALL PRINT? I hope they like my little comment!

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