Do you have a Bucket list?

When you Person you only live so long then go…..The reality of life is not much different then when a cat or dog gets hit by a car….the bird … vulcers come down to eat…The point is in time like this; is one computer’s bot death is another ones feast? This web site is just about to pass away; thus if you care about life and death go to In any event my last post was …Sorry, People of the USA, I tried to run for President of USA and I lost…in fact I could even get on the ballot…Please don’t blame me for trying as I got skin cancer, high blood pressure and old age. I guess it was my “bucket list” to run. Now my Bucket list is to go back to “roots in Ireland” before I go… Please don’t laugh but Fredrick Douglas saw the plight of the Irish in 1845-6; he also tried to Help!

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