Michael Bloomberg NY mayor (2002–2013), wants to give 100 million to his Jewish Ad men in Florida. Why waste $$$? Instead of wasting 100 million on silly ads; Mike why not promote the Biden vs Daniel Mulligan fight… call it the old dumb farts fight or geriatric news….call it anything but give the winners and the losers 20 million each to fight…. What the hell?  Is there anything else to bet on? This Irishman need some $$$…..  So, while you rich Jewish men like Bernie Madoff have money to burn the poor Irish men have gotten screwed. Sometimes, the Jews don’t play fair. Remember Joseph and his bully greedy Jewish brothers wanting to kill him? Instead they SOLD their OWN BRO into slavery see Genesis 37 in Jewish Bible. Why don’t the caring Jews cut the wages of all their attorneys in half? No. No we can’t have that. Let’s hurt our slave cops… Do bully and greedy lawyers still want to screw their Irish slave cops but help crooked lawyers? asks: YOU VOTE!

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