Have Religious and or government “caring ones,” given the People too much?

In 11/18/1978, we realized that civil rights focus could lead to evil. Most of religions were shocked for a time… but really happened? see

The psychological massacre: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple: An Investigation by Rose Wunrow

Ms Rose goes on and states a concept which sounds like Portland today? You read do my poll and compare….Ms Rose Wunrow words: The civil rights movement was just getting on its feet after the ‘55 bus boycott. American youth were becoming increasingly disillusioned with their parents’ way of life. Out of the chaos created by these societal issues, Rev. Jim Jones emerged with somewhat revolutionary ideas which appealed to a wide range of disillusioned and disenfranchised Americans. Those who attended Temple services were drawn in by Jones’ passionate attacks on segregation and the “abuses, disgraces, and contradictions of American capitalism” (Jeffrey), as well as his dreams of a Utopian society in which all members were treated equally, no matter their stature in the hierarchy of society. Jones’ personal charisma and his mesmerizing power as an orator were also alluring and believable; he “had an intensity about him that made people believe anything he said” (Parrish). Jones used this intensity to increase his control over his followers. He urged Temple inductees to sell their belongings and turn their assets over to the Temple – an act which, in effect, was the first step towards putting Jones in a position of significant power (UPI). Temple membership soon grew from several hundred to approximately 20,000 at the Temple’s peak in San Francisco, where Jones relocated the Temple in 1971 (UPI). His congregation was “completely mixed, race, age, creed”– the composition of the Jonestown population was 75% black, 20% white, and 5% Asian, Hispanic, and Native American (O’Shea; Chidester). From an outside perspective, Peoples Temple presented an idealistic picture of a society which was unattainable in mainstream culture.

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