How Bill and Hillary protected their server from spam!

Have you ever wondered if pervert Jeffrey Epstein had used or blackmailed 20,000 or 30,000 of those …elite big shots? Was Jeff’s black male on the 33,000 emails that Hillary hid or destroyed? I wonder also how many bots and porno pictures Jeff, Hillary and Bill had to blackmail their……fellow crooked politicians? Sometime I wonder if James Comey, Struck and Page …spelling?… I wonder if  FBI lawyer Lisa Page lied to Andrew McCabe about her relationship with agent Peter Strzok? Sometimes I wonder why some call it the Deep State when it’s just run by greedy evil pervert like… If you read this far you probable aren’t a bot…So if you can read write me; other wise just send your bots to the FBI, HILLARY or pervert Bill… Funny thing if you need cheep domains like these… or or or or etc.. could be good domains to make a current sounding blog… I’ll sell any of them for $350 or even less… Need other domains? Please reference this post and write a comment that you want to start a blog site and need a domain. I can dig up domains for you or even your bot family…just kidding.

2 thoughts on “How Bill and Hillary protected their server from spam!”

  1. Fmr President Obama was talking to Joe Biden recently
    and said to Joe in a video that he will have the authority to
    “re-assemble America.”

  2. Recently, in a video discussion with Joe Biden and
    fmr president Obama, Mr. Obama said that Joe
    will have the authority to “re-assemble America”
    when Biden becomes President.

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