How secure do you feel TODAY?

Pervert Jeffrey Epstein and Playboy or pervert Bill Clinton have been using cops to bring them sex since the 1980’s. What has changed their image? They like the mob protected their interests…young sexy women or innocent women THEY WANTED.

The best defense is a great offense. So Irish Bill said hire some Irish cops and some black ones and everybody happy….. So, Bill, Hill and Joe said hire 100,000 cops and they will OUR SLAVES…. Yes, did we need that many more in 1994? Hell no. But pervert like Epstein need alot of cover….THUS Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, H.R. 3355, Pub.L. 103–322 is an Act of Congress dealing with crime and law enforcement; it became law in 1994, was written by Senator Joe Biden of Delaware…Since then Florida has had six billion dollar PONZI SCAMS… Thanks Bill and Hill

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