HOW STOP THE RIOTS! 3 simple things that would STOP all riots….AND help pay for them!

  1. Protester are greedy; they don’t care about a guy dying as much as excitement which they have been deprived for months. NO B… BALL! You need a credit card to book a game; why not charge $100 to book a riot? Here’s how, but you need proper ID.
  2. Simply charge like they are going to a movie, play, or game or getting insurance. In this case it is ONLY $50 to get in and 50 dollars cash for food and refreshments.
  3. But what if the ….don’t have cash at the door? That’s why you should book your riot weeks in advance. I believe George Sorebut is good at that. Please got to Did I sell that but one?
  4. But what if you don’t have the green? Simple, the cops can still take credit cards at the door with PROPER ID. Without proper ID you can still get in to vote on the riot. Here is how! As you know we need blood$$$. So why not have a couple of nurses and doctors just cut off your middle finger and drain a pint of blood. This is like an insurance policy as if you die the cops can always match your finger at the morgue. NOTE DIDN’T YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO GIVE THE COPS THE FINGER ANYWAY? Mulligan’s presidential riot plan is copy written so the Biden or Trump don’t try to steal it because all rights to Mulligan’s comedy maybe reserved for the NEXT RIOT!

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