In 1971 Robert Upshur Woodward was a Washington Post a reporter. Bob had a few books to bring down Nixon…

But can Bob Upshur help an Irish man fight bully Joe Biden? Did Woodward investigate Hunter’s Biden divorce or being kick out of the Navy? Should Bob tell before the fight if Joe Biden is a liar or crook? How big a bully is Joe Biden? Will Biden beat the hell out of Daniel Mulligan? Biden has about 50 lbs and few years on Daniel Mulligan. Bob, in Florida there have been 6 billion dollar Ponzi rackets….such a Pearlman, Farcas, Bernie Madoff ,etc, why don’t you help me investigate the laying crooked lawyers, doctors, accountants that help promote and or cover up those Ponzi Crimes?

As far as the China Virus in the USA; scientists say only 6% of deaths are caused directly by covid 19. That means if 200,000 deaths are reported only 12,000 were caused totally by covid 19. asks: Did Wooward see the panic for TP and paper towels? Or, is Bob just another BS writer, who has his TP delivered to him personally? Or does Bob try to recycle his TP and give it to dumb Irish?

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