Is the web and masks making the USA into “dinosaurs”?

The big D’s lived millions of years ago….or so we a told. Most died about 200 million years ago but why? Why did God leave us with the crocodiles? Aren’t they old?

Although they appear similar, crocodiles, alligators and the gharial belong to separate biological families. The most obvious external differences are visible in the head, with crocodiles having narrower and longer heads, with a more V-shaped than a U-shaped snout compared to alligators and caimans.

So why can a croc go without food for six to 8 months?  So what do you suppose kill off almost all the D.?  Could it been God after he threw Dumb Adam out?  What even more interesting is how did these big animals have sex….Okay they laid eggs…but how were those eggs fertilized?   Could Adam and Eve been out there helping those big D’s when one of them decided to tell Eve…that that tree out there in the middle of the Garden made us so big and smart…we Just move our long tall and butt against THAT TREE and the fruit falls down for you because all the fruit at the top we ate….If you eat the fruit you will be our god and we will protect you.  So the dumb ones eat and the next thing they note they don’t have the same clothes as the Ds… So Eve says to Adam…You stupid man get me MORE CLOTHES I’m NAKED….  So when you kiss God goodbye you get some damn woman who bitches about her looks…Come to think about it I guess nothing changed in 200 million years after all

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