Is it possible that the “fake impeachment’’ of Donald Trump caused a Division of America Citizens values by making Citizens mad at each other thus creating a big hoax?   (yes or no)

Why has Nancy Pelosi used Congress and the People’s money and Time on supposed Russia voting intervention?   Has that “investigation” been a waste of time and money    (yes or no)

Did greedy ones in Congress ignored the real Problems of goods made in China? Is it possible Nancy and other Democrats waited TOO LONG on the “impeachment” while Joe Biden’s druggie son friends developed the KILLING VIRUS in China?               (yes or no)

Did China’s develop a war virus to harm Hong Kong and USA?  (Yes of No) Could the last 3 years, in China and the USA, be the biggest hoax of the last 100 years?  (yes or No)

If you like pod comedy here is Dan’s link go below.: Sorry Folks I can’t get the link now Stay Tuned in

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