No reply for Joe Biden’s 9 round boxing I guess he is just too old or too tired. But who cares if an old farts can still fight? But we all new fitness!

Daniel Mulligan is Amending (Affidavit filed 9/11/2020) {“Affidavit of Daniel Mulligan Writ of Habeas Corpus, requesting to work, fight or box Biden, to travel, whistle blow, receive medical equipment CPAC machine for High Blood pressure.”} (1) By amending fight of or box Joe Biden to a virtual shadow boxing exercise platform similar to what in 1961-1962, JFK called the US Physical Fitness Program; thus could a Joe’s or Dan’s geriatric competition  inspire the People?  I believe as a school kid I took part in JFK’s approved training system. (2) BY replying to a  9/23/2020  “court unsigned letter “ that begins with We. See Exhibit 1. Who is We?  Should a Court conceal who (We) is?

 While the right to free speech and to whistle blow evolved over hundreds of years; it was put into our constitution in as the FIRST Amendment.. While I believe agents and or attorneys of Facebook, Twitter,, Afternic, Google and other high tech companies have raided the poor and American worker’s  copy written ideas, patents and or ingenuity for their own greed; should Citizens’ lives or freedoms suffer? Shouldn’t the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 (26 Stat. 209, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1–7) provide protection to other business and Citizens by breaking up greedy monopolies?

I believe the America People have suffered under ever changing internet platforms of Socialisms legal new news elites.  In order to help prevent the evolution of  lies, scams, robots of evil,  corruption , perverts and or traitors such as Bernie Madoff or Jeffrey Epstein, Florida previously created FS 876.05 regarding Public employees; oath.—

(1) All persons who now or hereafter are employed by or who now or hereafter are on the payroll of the state, or any of its departments and agencies, subdivisions, counties, cities, school boards and districts of the free public school system of the state or counties, or institutions of higher learning, except candidates for federal office, are required to take an oath before any person duly authorized to take acknowledgments of instruments for public record in the state….

 (2) Said oath shall be filed with the records of the governing official or employing governmental agency prior to the approval of any voucher for the payment of salary, expenses, or other compensation.

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