OUTSIDE? outside-agitators like facebook, twitter, amazone, NBC,CNN, FOX, ABC or….. geico?

What the hell is THAT lizard doing there? Remember for years the lizard Co….told the People how stupid Males screwed up everything….Oh, was that supposed to be a JOKE? Maybe, Warren Buffet didn’t evolve the lizard of men? But men hiding under a rock to come out to see the Lizard sign…Or a black weight lifter doing a traffic “geico dance” to direct traffic a joke? The cute lizard told people that men were stupid. Isn’t that what our smart doctors, nurses, hospitals, told us to do like we are an infant? The NY mayor and Governor treated our older Citizens as “babies in a snake and lizard infected nursing home. ….yes, stupid babies and killed them. I just wonder how much $$ I’d make with Komodo dragon insurance Company? My motto could be take a bite out of crime or die? Here’s another great idea for saving property from unwanted night visitors. Just place the looters in a truck with several 16 to 30 foot pythons. That’s”the rest of the story”

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