asks: Do the elite think all poor Irish males are THAT STUPID? Poor James Comey couldn’t “remember 245 times in front of Congress.” Now someone note their http// is from Yet, they ask me how to protect THEM for hackers? Reply: Hillary and FBI’s James protected her 33,000 emails: Why not call FBI, Bill and Hillary and p…. for the best protection? copy written response by Daniel

Why should America Citizens lose their jobs while a Canadian Citizen, David Scott collects a pay check for just going into a Palm Beach County library? For years, PBC library has deprived Citizen Mulligan his”time on computers” Should greedy or lazy librarians nowharm or deprive all Citizens?

Dear,reply to your comment: I have gotten notices from my “bosses”at work press and or godaddy saying I must “moderate.” It’s hard for me to do that since I am very poor and have even lost $ buying domains. Greedy, rich evil ones in PBC,FL have even stolen my rights. I can’t drive or travel. I’m trying to moderate running for President; I just hope to be free!

Daniel Mulligan, as a Presidential candidate Asks last WORD PRESS email: Do you have the right and the power make a presidential candidate to moderate? Should I change kill to lie or kiss on my last poll to moderate? Where is the 1st amendment?


Who is killing us? boxpolls asks: Who is killing the USA? In 1939, before WWII started, Hitler used USA’s science of Eugenics to start his T-4 program. He gave doctors the right to study, test, cover-up and KILL;do we need more data or rights for Dr’s?

For years greedy ones on ‘SHARK TANK” have told the USA that to compete a business MUST go to China. Now Mark Cuban wishes to protect us from the China 19 virus? Maybe Cuban should listen to “THE SNAKE” by Al Wilson! Who is the snake NOW?