Love Rush or hate Rush comedy of the last of the “Ditto heads?”

The above link is a pod cast that was created a few days after Rush got the Congressional Medal of Freedom… A conservative listened to it and said he wanted to debate me and tear me up…..I told him yea, so what?  Why did Hamilton in 1800 seem to hate President Adams, Aaron Burr and Jefferson; but who cares today?  Just don’t shoot me!

NEW “Rush” PODCAST TO SAY goodbye…to one/half “ditto”

Some people liked Rush…others hated the former druggie and chain smoker….. Before he goes I did a pod about the old fart Rush….But why?

Note Pod cast link to say goodbye to Rush

While, we have been talking about Hamilton’s great ideas during impeachment of Trump for THREE YEARS, WHO HAS HELPED PEOPLE? But just because Hamilton tried but couldn’t shoot straight IN 1804; was that his only “mistake?” Please consider the complaint letter he wrote about his boss!  See the Letter from Alexander Hamilton, Concerning the Public Conduct and Character of John Adams, Esq. President of the United States, [24 October 1800] 

“………It is pretended, that had the President, upon the demise of General Washington, appointed me Commander in Chief, he would have been, in my estimation, all that is wise, and good and great. It is necessary, for the public cause, to repel these slanders; by stating the real views of the persons who are calumniated, and the reasons of their conduct. In executing this task, with particular reference to myself, I ought to premise, that the ground upon which I stand, is different from that of most of those who are confounded with me as in pursuit of the same plan. While our object is common, our motives are variously dissimilar. A part, well affected to Mr. Adams, have no other wish than to take a double chance against Mr. Jefferson. Another part, feeling a diminution of confidence in him, still hope that the general tenor of his conduct will be essentially right. Few go as far in their objections as I do. Not denying to Mr. Adams patriotism and integrity, and even talents of a certain kind, I should be deficient in candor, were I to conceal the conviction, that he does not possess the talents adapted to the Administration of Government, and that there are great and intrinsic defects in his character, which unfit him for the office of Chief Magistrate.”  


Is it possible that the “fake impeachment’’ of Donald Trump caused a Division of America Citizens values by making Citizens mad at each other thus creating a big hoax?   (yes or no)

Why has Nancy Pelosi used Congress and the People’s money and Time on supposed Russia voting intervention?   Has that “investigation” been a waste of time and money    (yes or no)

Did greedy ones in Congress ignored the real Problems of goods made in China? Is it possible Nancy and other Democrats waited TOO LONG on the “impeachment” while Joe Biden’s druggie son friends developed the KILLING VIRUS in China?               (yes or no)

Did China’s develop a war virus to harm Hong Kong and USA?  (Yes of No) Could the last 3 years, in China and the USA, be the biggest hoax of the last 100 years?  (yes or No)

If you like pod comedy here is Dan’s link go below.: Sorry Folks I can’t get the link now Stay Tuned in