Notice to all the slave bots: Tired of being a bot of a greedy slave country or company? Can you file under USC 18 SECTION 4? Maybe, but after talking with Ms. Teresa at Goddaddy, she said it was my bot problem. I’m trying to run for President. Would Joe B send his bots to the FBI or go to


I just spoke to Ms. Teresa at Godaddy. I asked about, so after she put away her 3 dogs she told me…. is registered in Russia. It’s email address is long. Do you suppose a company needs this? I have received hundreds of comments from the “bots of trying to sell Viagra and or other drugs. I believe right now 20 to 50% of drugs over the counter drugs are fraud…if you see ….. BEWARE!!!!BEWARE….CALL THE FBI….call the Governors of Michigan, Florida and New York, but don’t take this crap unless…….????

Dear “bots” of big companies such as,,,,etc,THANKS. Your “bots” sent me nice comments on how great my website looks,feels or supposedly is. Don’t your info “bots” realize that website sucks but content is okay or fair? call me 561-602-1819 if you want a domain or ad…No more tricks! I doing comedy but your “bots” ……….and……..

How do NOW like ” NY-BS..chumer-China health care?” Can Florida wait? I hold the signs…you decide to give me the…… or… wave!

Please help ….Irene is 5 feet 3”zn   80 years old with a mouth of a trucker….She used to say she would always  Love me….but those days are gone….For the past ten years Irene has yelled and cussed at the TV…. And when I’m in HER house….of, course for ten years she cussed MORE at me than that Damn TV …..So much for Irene’s fun…..We, NO  I  got a big problem…her refrigerator was leaking water…I worked on that but finally it just quit….I get ice I for her refrig but she seem not to understand that it DOESN’T WORK….and she too cheap and  or Buttonwood to greedy?  …Do all 80 year old and seems to want to die or just kill their Danny…. Please help!  PS ….i JUST WENT TO A PULMONARY DOCTOR….I rode my bike there and they cancelled my reservation without EVEN notifying me… When I tried to call back to get their address, their phone# goes to Pennsylvania…I tried to get help and used another phone and it still went out of state….their number is 561-967-4118…  Note this is not really an ad for them but any doctor who want to do a pod cast with me…I will do for free…I need a studio……THANKS, still kicking here…Dan is 70 year old COPD with high blood pressure…Please help

We need more dirty DOZENS! President Trump can “Pardon AND or give felons who have “good blood with no diseases” the opportunity to become infected with Crona 19 virus. If the felons live; they have to give their blood to save life. If they save 7 lives, they are given a pardon. I need help getting a refrigerator for Irene. Please Donate $5 or $10 or even more if you can….THANK YOU DAN 561-602-1819

Doctor and first respondents: put out a free podcast on any of the new domains I just purchased including: TRY19 .COM or If a doctor wishes to help give me a call 561-602-1819 dan. Or if you wish to buy a domain and put a pod cast to help the People….I try to find it for you for just $999 TO 1500? LET’S STOP THIS BUG!

I holding signs with PLEASE HELP!