asks: Is google allowing spam to be put out with google’s name? I have receive a number of trash/spam comments that start with…….etc.

The comments all have google combined with different words such as http://maps google… …//image google at the end of each ending line there is

I called godaddy and reported the series to Tony who was working for godaddy remotely. I asked Tony if he could report it to google and the FBI pursuant to 18 USC SECTION 4. Since I’m testing the waters for President of USA, I believe the FBI may already have access to my account. Part of my platform is to STOP BOTS hurting the PEOPLE!

Notice to all the slave bots: Tired of being a bot of a greedy slave country or company? Can you file under USC 18 SECTION 4? Maybe, but after talking with Ms. Teresa at Goddaddy, she said it was my bot problem. I’m trying to run for President. Would Joe B send his bots to the FBI or go to


I just spoke to Ms. Teresa at Godaddy. I asked about, so after she put away her 3 dogs she told me…. is registered in Russia. It’s email address is long. Do you suppose a company needs this? I have received hundreds of comments from the “bots of trying to sell Viagra and or other drugs. I believe right now 20 to 50% of drugs over the counter drugs are fraud…if you see ….. BEWARE!!!!BEWARE….CALL THE FBI….call the Governors of Michigan, Florida and New York, but don’t take this crap unless…….????

Dear “bots” of big companies such as,,,,etc,THANKS. Your “bots” sent me nice comments on how great my website looks,feels or supposedly is. Don’t your info “bots” realize that website sucks but content is okay or fair? call me 561-602-1819 if you want a domain or ad…No more tricks! I doing comedy but your “bots” ……….and……..