TODAY,Did Ms. Paula again accused Daniel Mulligan of stealing hundreds of Trump signs? How did I take them on my bicycle? When will the fat lady sing?

Sadly, I believe that is what so called Republican Ms. Paula did accuse today….But why? I just asked Ms. Paula for a sign to hold and wave at cars…but greedy Ms. Paula seems to want to keep all her signs….Seem she wants to protect “her Trump signs” in the back of her car…. I held Trump signs for hours, but Ms Paula just doesn’t care or like Trump men…Why else would she say Daniel Mulligan is stealing HER TRUMP SIGN?

“Suicide by cop’s” or current election fraud?

NOTICE TO THE PEOPLE! (My book will be available on SOON) After reviewing the facts I am amending my October 28,2020 post as no crime could be proven; and I not aware of an actual of felony occurring according to  . 18 U.S. Code § 4.Misprision of felony

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

On 10/28/2020 I previously wrote, Democrat Sheriff, Ric Branshaw; who is running for Sheriff engaged in possible voter Intimidation! He sent over FOUR democrat sheriff’s cars to “Protect” a piece of equipment that was semi-blocking the entry into the voting library at Summit? Sadly, I nearly had a stroke seeing those four cars with flashing lights engage in intimidation of Independent voters! Two of the cars #78616 and car #73196.

  I now believe the Sheriffs didn’t intend to harm anyone in this case.

However, after I wrote the above I noted there 100’s of Biden signs but no Trump signs. I showed supervisor Mark the copy of my statement; I realized that I failed to fully understand why the Sheriff came and who called them and why. Moreover, I realized that it was possible that Ms. Paula was hoarding Trump signs so the workers had no Trump signs to hold.  In light of other events in the news I realized while it was very odd that the Place President Trump and His Wife Voted had less that 3 small in the ground Trump signs; that in itself was no crime.

 HOWEVER, I believe a big crime to be what’s is happening with BIG TECH and its continual abuses, lies and voter intimidation.  When will those lies and hate end?.

New York Times 1932 Pulitzer Prize Awarded  Walter Duranty was a Liverpool-born Anglo-American journalist who served as Moscow bureau chief of The New York Times.

Duranty, one of the most famous correspondents of his day, won the prize for 13 articles written in 1931 analyzing the Soviet Union under Stalin. While Duranty lived in luxury in Moscow he  made brutal Stalin glad, but the People died. Sure, Duranty’s cabled dispatches had to pass Soviet censorship, and Stalin’s propaganda machine was powerful and omnipresent. Duranty’s analyses relied on official sources as his primary source of information.  Yet even after reports of wide spread famine Duranty dismissed more diligent writers’ reports that people were starving. “Conditions are bad, but there is no famine,” he wrote in a dispatch from Moscow in March of 1933 describing the “mess” of collectivization. “But – to put it brutally – you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.”

THEREFORE, asks as an independent voice to American people.  Why type of omelet do you suppose New York Times or Jack Dorsey at twitter and Democratic Socialists Joe Biden will try to serve AFTER the election?

Sadly, I believe the New York Times is still corrupt.  I plainly saw a suicide by cop incident on the video last week….However the corrupt times fails to note the reality of that Suicide.  Even worse by promoting and make public these suicides scientific data show MORE SUICIDES WILL OCCUR! Here is part of their story by the EVIL LYING NEW YORK TIMES.

Days From Election, Police Killing of Black Man Roils Philadelphia By Jon Hurdle, Campbell Robertson and Richard A. Oppel Jr. Oct. 28, 2020PHILADELPHIA —“ There is a grim familiarity to it all. In the final days of a bitter election, it is a reprise of the terrible images that the country has come to know all too well this year: The shaky cellphone video, the abrupt death of a Black man at the hands of the police. The howls of grief at the scene. The protests that formed immediately. The looting of stores that lasted late into the night.”

REALLY WAS THIS A COP MURDER? Yet Wikipedia states:

“There are two broad categories of “suicide by cop”. The first is when someone has committed a crime and is being pursued by the police and decides that they would rather die than be arrested. These people may not otherwise be suicidal but may simply decide that life is not worth living if they are incarcerated and thus will provoke police to kill them. The second version involves people who are already contemplating suicide and who decide that provoking law enforcement into killing them is the best way to act on their desires. These individuals may commit a crime with the specific intention of provoking a law enforcement response.”

On 10/28/2020, a evil Democrat Sheriff, Ric Branshaw; who is running for Sheriff engaged in voter Intimidation! He sent over FOUR democrat sheriff’s cars to “Protect” a piece of equipment that was semi-blocking the entry into the voting library at Summit? Sadly, I nearly had a stroke seeing those four cars with flashing lights engage in intimidation of Independent voters! Two of the cars #78616 and car #73196. When will the Hate by democrats end?

Can a gold caped lady Danielle help Daniel get a jury trial after 12 YEARS? While holding a sign for Trump and others, I realized I have been denied!

From Wikipedia see the  following summary:

Klopfer v. North Carolina, 386 U.S. 213 (1967), was a decision by the United States Supreme Court involving the application of the Speedy Trial Clause of the United States Constitution in state court proceedings. The Sixth Amendment in the Bill of Rights states that in criminal prosecutions “…the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy trial” In this case, a defendant was tried for trespassing and the initial jury could not reach a verdict. The prosecutor neither dismissed nor reinstated the case but used an unusual procedure to leave it open, potentially indefinitely. Klopfer argued that this denied him his right to a speedy trial. In deciding in his favor, the Supreme Court incorporated the speedy trial protections of the Sixth Amendment against the states.

No reply for Joe Biden’s 9 round boxing I guess he is just too old or too tired. But who cares if an old farts can still fight? But we all new fitness!

Daniel Mulligan is Amending (Affidavit filed 9/11/2020) {“Affidavit of Daniel Mulligan Writ of Habeas Corpus, requesting to work, fight or box Biden, to travel, whistle blow, receive medical equipment CPAC machine for High Blood pressure.”} (1) By amending fight of or box Joe Biden to a virtual shadow boxing exercise platform similar to what in 1961-1962, JFK called the US Physical Fitness Program; thus could a Joe’s or Dan’s geriatric competition  inspire the People?  I believe as a school kid I took part in JFK’s approved training system. (2) BY replying to a  9/23/2020  “court unsigned letter “ that begins with We. See Exhibit 1. Who is We?  Should a Court conceal who (We) is?

 While the right to free speech and to whistle blow evolved over hundreds of years; it was put into our constitution in as the FIRST Amendment.. While I believe agents and or attorneys of Facebook, Twitter,, Afternic, Google and other high tech companies have raided the poor and American worker’s  copy written ideas, patents and or ingenuity for their own greed; should Citizens’ lives or freedoms suffer? Shouldn’t the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890 (26 Stat. 209, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1–7) provide protection to other business and Citizens by breaking up greedy monopolies?

I believe the America People have suffered under ever changing internet platforms of Socialisms legal new news elites.  In order to help prevent the evolution of  lies, scams, robots of evil,  corruption , perverts and or traitors such as Bernie Madoff or Jeffrey Epstein, Florida previously created FS 876.05 regarding Public employees; oath.—

(1) All persons who now or hereafter are employed by or who now or hereafter are on the payroll of the state, or any of its departments and agencies, subdivisions, counties, cities, school boards and districts of the free public school system of the state or counties, or institutions of higher learning, except candidates for federal office, are required to take an oath before any person duly authorized to take acknowledgments of instruments for public record in the state….

 (2) Said oath shall be filed with the records of the governing official or employing governmental agency prior to the approval of any voucher for the payment of salary, expenses, or other compensation.

Did the FBI just find the porn on Hunter’s laptop? Is it possible Jeffrey Epstein was involved with the Bidens? See WSJ most resent 10/23/20 legacy

The deal fell through on the Chinese end in the summer of 2017. CEFC was supposed to supply $10 million; it never arrived. This is where the Johnson report comes in. The Senate report notes that CEFC wired $5 million to a company called Hudson West in August 2017. The report says an associate of CEFC Chairman Ye in September opened a line of credit under Hudson West’s name, and Hunter, Jim Biden and Jim Biden’s wife, Sara, were given credit cards associated with the account, and bought items totaling more than $100,000.

The report says Hudson West also sent $4.7 million in “consulting fees” to Mr. Biden’s law firm over the course of a year. Mr. Bobulinski suspects Hunter and Jim had found an easier way to cash in on their name, one that didn’t involve pesky partners and complex deals. He sent a furious text to Jim Biden after the release of the Senate report, accusing Hunter and Jim of “lying” to their partners and secretly taking money from CEFC. The FBI last year subpoenaed Hunter’s laptop. A call to Hunter Biden’s attorney was not returned by our deadline.

All of this is news. The press corps that is ignoring it spent four years writing about Donald Trump’s Moscow business. The correspondence meanwhile blows up Rep. Adam Schiff’s claim that the Hunter story is Russian “disinformation.” It raises real concerns about what security risks Hunter might pose for a Biden administration. And it raises questions about Joe Biden’s involvement.” from WSJ By Kimberley A. StrasselOct. 22, 2020 7:32 pm ET

Dear MR BIG and Iran: I was just wondering if you had to split up that 1,700,000,000 cash that democrats Biden, Kerry, Obama sent on a plane? Was that why it was in different currencies?

Did the BIG GUY got his full cut then? Or does BIG GUY gets only when President? In the debate could Biden remember if he was the BIG GUY? Who was the BIG GUY or were there lots of BIG?

Is it a sad day in the USA when dummies, bots, perverts, and lazy bums run our government.

Where is that Porn that Hunter Biden had on his laptop? I heard about it at first but were did it go? Maybe that’s why the FBI wanted to protect the laptop? Maybe it had too many rich doctors, lawyers and democrats at a Chinese lap dance? Remember a few years ago when the SEC had its agents calling 900 porn line…. Yea, they were getting overtime too….. Sadly, maybe what his running mate said about him previously is true….? Did’t she accuse Joe of being a racist and pervert? But why then did she join him? Is she worse than Hillary? PLEASE NO BOTS ….Biden needs your service!