Pervert Politics or same protection racket?

On 2/11/1993 Janet Reno was nominated Bill Clinton and Hillary.  ”  Bill was were reeling from their recent encounters with Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood, and Lani Guinier.  Why did Clinton need a woman for AG?  Did Bill Clinton know he was a pervert and needed extra protection? Maybe, but Clinton reportedly stated “Sexy was good, but safe was better. We simply couldn’t afford another failed nomination.” Stephanopoulos quotes Clinton himself saying, “We don’t need another gang-that-couldn’t-shoot-straight story.”

 So Bill gets Janet Reno to go after some obscure religious cult.  Next,  Bill nominated a lawyer you guess it a Jewish lady called Ruth….Together Jewish men like Bernie Madoff and Jeff Epstein were protected by the Supreme and or  Court  Clinton crime family.  But its important to realize the FIRST THING Bill’s AG did…. 

Reno approved the use of tear gas to flush the Branch Davidians from their compound outside of Waco, Texas. a fire erupted and more than 70 Davidians (including Koresh and at least 20 children) died during the event. Reno publicly took responsibility for the outcome, saying on television: “I am accountable. The buck stops with me.”  But after that Reno protected “her woman and man?”

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