Possible Joe Biden debate question:When a white immigrant gets murdered by police who protests or riots?

Most corrupt big cities hide their murders under an odd new medical term that helps conceal their crime. On 10/14/2007 Robert Dzjekanski got off the airplane but could only speak Polish. He had little or no food and drink on the long plane trip. At the airport he waited again but was hindered in seeing his relatives. With nearly no warning Canadian RMP shocked Robert with a taser so he died. I believe the video was held, but after the video was released it showed the critical 5 minutes when he died. Where were the protests and riots for Robert?

Just a few months after Robert was murdered, Daniel Mulligan had a radio show on 1340AM. I would relate to my listeners by telling different stories about evil and good; then asking how THE PEOPLE CAN educate our children into being good Citizens. I explained that in November 1990 two big WPB,FL cops Rollins and Thurlow kidnapped and beat a small man Bobby Jewett to death in front of the PALM BEACH POST. Why did evil-ones, lawyers, news media and cops conceal this information from the rest of the USA? I believe evil ones in Palm Beach County conspiring and concealing Bobby’s death indirectly caused riots in LA after Rodney King. There are good cops and bad cops in every big city; I believe the cover up” of the 33 year old white male, Bobby Jewett’s murder help caused the odd “religion or bias” that evolved into the needless deaths of 54 people after the Rodney King beating! Have we become infants or babies that destroy and hate at any excuse just because mayors and governors have no balls to stop evil?

Sadly, after Daniel Mulligan made those comments on the air at 1340 AM in Lake Worth.FL in 2008, I was kidnapped, falsely arrested and tasered. I wrote the FBI in Washington DC in 2007 and about Police Brutality. I received a letter back from the FBI in 2008; saying I may contact their Miami office….. even though I live in Palm Beach County! When will violence end? Can at least the truth come out that More unarmed white men in the USA are shot by police than unarmed black men. In Florida more white men die from being tasered that Black men. When will the bias, hate and deaths stop? When can Mulligan debate Joe Biden or will Sheriff Rick Bradshaw try to stop any debate?

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