BIDEN FIGHT: Some words make you happy others..just make you cry. So, “Where have all the flowers gone?” I saw the flowers being placed for Ruth Gator Binsburg spelling…but who gave the 25,000,000 little black, brown, and Irish babies their flowers?

The song flower song was written by Seeger….However, In 1936, at the age of 17, Pete Seeger joined the Young Communist League (YCL), then at the height of its influence, in 1942, Seeger became a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) . Sadly during the 30’s and 40’s, Russia had killed 30,000,000 slaves dead from starvation that didn’t GET THEIR FLOWERS, either….Wow! But, who started the idea that dead people need flowers …was it to take away the smell of death?

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