Was a comment from .ua Weird, smart or thoughtful? boxpoll.com deleted a comment which more or less asked: what’s legal now that won’t be legal in years to come ? Was that just Ukraine fishing? However….

I believe that is a great question. While some even believing in the “drinking utopia death” of communist Jim Jones might say family drinking and guns kidnapping the poor is bad . Yet, those who understand the history of Hitler’s T-4 “medical eugenic’s programs” realize that expert doctors can do terrible things also. Due to the planned inflation and devaluation of paper…Money as we know it won’t be legal as gold; a FDR money idea. Maybe, a clear data question would be “within of the good of the first responders how many % are evil like serial killing nurse Charles Cullen or California cop Joe DeAngelo?” Sadly, when people get old they die and when families are pulled apart by government and or doctors; nobody dies in peace with no family love! Note all Posts are copy written by boxpolls.com and whocaresblog.com and or used for whocaresparty.com press releases.

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