Woe is me? So I called godaddy.com and asked about my woeisi.com? I goto some church called NEW LIFE…. you guessed it the preacher Stan was talking about $$. So what is odd about that? He asked in a stupid way….It feels good to give….a few said amend, he asked again, and again. He got more noise from “the saints.” The preacher then talks about this 10% partnership with God plus. What the hell is that? Wait, who’s idea was it,to put that silly tree in the middle of the Garden? Was it Eve’, God’, Adam’, Devil’, or the snake’s? Was that a naked partnership that the silly woman broke because she hated sex with Adam and wanted to “try the Snake?” Anyway some guy come out of church with first name J…. and tells me how impressed he is the preacher and wants to give to that church. Yet, this fool won’t help his neighbor or himself become a free man; he just blabs how “everybody including cops are following him?” I ask him why not write a book about your ….? Use or buy one of my domains and get your story out? What is your life story worth to you? THE EVE OF DESTRUCTION was sung in 1965 as a protest song by Barry McGuire. The same year Paul Harvey in the Rest of the Story explained “IF I WERE THE DEVIL I would keep doing it the same way!” Who do you believe is closer to the Devil, men, women or snakes? The fool has said in his heart….There is no God. See woeisi.com

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