When is no news is better than wrong news? Maybe we should try farming or fishing?

During this med panic maybe the worse thing is we can’t see any smiles? Sounds silly but people need to see a smile and a happy face. A few years ago, a man wrote in his journal ‘if I don’t see somebody smile at me it will be my last entry’,….He committed suicide as no one smiled! He had no hope or love. Supply and demand gets altered when we panic; remember the TP crisis? Yesterday I hit a new low after I went to an office that I was told might have Covid 19…….. I started calling my doctors for the cancer operation to review. I called my insurance company, Florida Health Dept, the CDC; getting a different reply from each one. My 80 year old friend was now cussing EVERYONE including me and the TV! What should I do? Finally Pastor Dave called me back…..He stated his office help got a cold but she found out later it was no covid-19. After all this anyone for a walk in the park where we could discuss the birds, bees, frogs, ducks or flowers? JUST NO DEAD19.COM or 19DEATHS.COM today! Give me a call 561-602-1819 I need an artist for my book or a song for my podcast.!


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