WHO:Dr,cops, insurance press or WHAT cause RIOTS? BUT, Who profits from them? WHY? $$$$?

Some time ago a pervert’s life was covered-up by his job and his attorney wife. Oh yes, this pervert held a job that gave him a deep respect in the village. He would go out in the day and tell the folks how to protect themselves from evil…..Yet sadly, he was the most evil one…..No I’m not talking about Bill and Hill or William or Hillary…..NOT right NOW. But you can think of the similarities OR did you like Paul Harvey’s idea of “THE REST OF THE STORY?

In 1973 a couple got married. She became an Attorney; her husband began in government with high hopes…. Could it be after a short time he got bored with his day job and married sex that he began “looking far into people lives even at night” But did he or she really look AWAY instead of helping the People? Could a “story about a comparison of evils” be the REST IF THE STORY?

Please check out the lives of Sharon Huddle and Joe DeAngelo, also now known as the Original Night Stalker. Oh yes, We have KNOWN the odd deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown and the weird use of power in Waco,TX to help the kids? But maybe Hillary a couple years after Benghazi said it best…”After all this time what difference does it make?” Yea, what difference does it make that 76 people including 25 kids and 2 pregnant women die? Weren’t Bill and Joe protected by lawyers so they still had their fun for years?

One thought on “WHO:Dr,cops, insurance press or WHAT cause RIOTS? BUT, Who profits from them? WHY? $$$$?”

  1. Trump is trying to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1965 so that all
    citizens…white or black…can safely go to work and safely enjoy
    their lives, liberties and property.
    Civil Rights means that everyone can have quiet enjoyment of their lives and keep their businesses open without threat of violence…… looting, arson, crystal nights, robbery and killings.

    Civil Rights means that everyone can live peaceably and enjoy their liberties and their property.
    We all pay taxes which hired people to protect and maintain our

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