Why are some ” cruel or unusual punishments” shown like a movie; while other deaths…no ones seems to care?

For months now in the corrupt USA various doctors have explained how brilliant, good and great they are… REALLY? These evil lying doctors have confused people so much they run out to buy TP. I’m not saying that buying buying and buying TP wasn’t doctors first choice but who knows? So a Doctor say sex is okay…but you got to wear a mask. Why not tell that to the monkeys in the zoo…do you think they were be stupid enough to listen. But we know that only 6% of the 180,000 deaths “by 19virus” was caused only by the Covid? So do the MATH; in over six months, COVID 19 only killed 1080 people…mostly old people that would have died in a couple of years anyway? Sad, but did buy TP save anyone?

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