Why did the FBI conceal the evidence of Hunter laptop? Sadly, the FBI is paid to provide security to Presidents and VP’s and THEIR family. Is there more FBI corruption coming?

See History of FBI Directors now and then. Does the corruption ever end. Today I’m holding a Trump sign with some good gentlemen who care about FREEDOM and living in the USA . Trump people are mostly happy and fun, but isn’t it time to consider? Fifty years ago Citizens could place bumper sticker on their cars for President without worry. Sadly, that has changed! Now days people just wave or give you the finger JUST for holding a sign? What has happened to the USA? In Florida a pervert like Jeffrey Epstein gets his freedom, but Daniel Mulligan who supposedly drove 10 MPH over the speed limit gets thrown in Jail without a jury trial. Has anything changed for the better? With great power FOR LAWYERS we see more corruption. WHY? When will the People get their Freedom?

William J. Burns, August 22, 1921 – June 14, 1924

Director William J. Burns

William J. Burns was born around 1860 in Baltimore, Maryland and educated in Columbus, Ohio.

As a young man, Mr. Burns performed well as a Secret Service agent and parleyed his reputation into the William J. Burns International Detective Agency. A combination of good casework and an instinct for publicity made Mr. Burns a national figure. His exploits made national news, the gossip columns of New York newspapers, and the pages of detective magazines, in which he published “true” crime stories based on his exploits.

Well qualified to direct the Bureau and friends with Warren Harding’s Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty, Burns was appointed Director of the Bureau of Investigation on August 22, 1921. Under Mr. Burns, the Bureau shrank from its 1920 high of 1,127 personnel to around 600 three years later. He resigned in 1924 at the request of Attorney General Harlan Fiske Stone because of his role in the Teapot Dome Scandal. This scandal involved the secret leasing of naval oil reserve lands to private companies.

Mr. Burns retired to Florida and published detective and mystery stories based on his long career for several years. He died in Sarasota, Florida in April 1932.

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