Why hate so quick? When the Cops GOT OFF on Rodney King’s cops first trial…..

Yea, I know all hell….came out 54 people eventually died and poor Rodney got $$$$3,500,000.00 plus got off a speeding ticket of doing 130 MPH… Oddly enough, now crazy guys go to the “Octagon” and get beat up worse than Rodney King but do get that big payday. Here a case of poor white guy getting the crap beat out him….

Oddly enough this story shows how white cops do cover up crimes on other white folks.  Here are the killing details


“ Joe Huffman, an engraver at The Palm Beach Post, was driving by the newspaper and saw the three men scuffling. He slowed down to get a better look.  He thought he was witnessing a mugging.  One of the men from the Cadillac held the hitchhiker around the neck while the other repeatedly struck him with a heavy steel flashlight, Huffman, 30, said. “All I was focused on was the guy with the flashlight and I could see him continually beating (Jewett), it appeared to be in the groin and the abdomen,” he said. “Ten to 20 swats with the flashlight that I saw for sure.”  Huffman, a former paramedic who has sworn to what he witnessed to state investigators, said: “It didn’t appear that guy (Jewett) was fighting back or anything. It was two on one and both of them were way bigger than he was.” The beating continued, Huffman said, even after Jewett “appeared limp … like a limp doll” and was on the ground. Huffman drove on but returned several minutes later. Other police had arrived. Only then did he learn the two men were police officers. He recognized Thurlow as the one who held Jewett by the neck. Rollins, he said, had wielded the flashlight “like somebody chopping wood. You picture somebody with a hatchet in their hand chopping wood. That’s the way I saw it.” The way I see it two brutal, bigot white cops killed a white dude four months before Rodney King and it was just covered by the media; a WHO CARES?


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