Why in 1991 did the cops cover up the taser “death” of Rodney King? You probably say WHAT?

Okay. you all seen that beating…but what most don’t understand is that beating of Rodney King may of saved his life? WHAT?

Yea, I know it sounds odd. But real cover-up was that taser of Rodney King and his response to the taser. Maybe if you can still view the video of

The taser death of Robert Dziekanski in Canada by RCMP

NOVEMBER 16, 2007 …But in PBC,FL the evil ones lie and cover up “in custody taser death, ” by calling them a weird term….But in THE LAST TEN YEARS corrupt evil Florida taser and killed 85 “unarmed in custody deaths” have occurred. Of those 35 being black men 50 being tan or white brown,etc. This is how the evil ones murder people in Florida… WHAT… YEA, what do you THINK?

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