Will Germany’s History repeat in the USA? The hyperinflation crisis, 1923 or War?

The Weimar government’s main crisis occurred in 1923 after the Germans missed a reparations payment late in 1922…They were then attacked by France…..Sick… But what may happen in the USA after two years of masks? Does History repeat? Boxpolls.com ASKS:

China, French Iran and Italy and occupation of the Ruhr under Germany,,,no  now the USA?

  • In November 2022 USA cities and states defaulted on their MASK reparations payment as scheduled to China. The first reparations payment had taken all they could afford to pay. The China virus war machine believed USA could make the repayment but were choosing not to, however USA’s mask makers and or Insurance Co…..said….By 2023 doctors and lawyer’s government argued they could not continue to afford to pay the MASK medical cost of abortions and slave camp without getting more Rice from China or they might also starve.
  • In response, China, Iran,  France and  sends more troops into USA main industrial area, the Ruhr Valley no THE MIDWEST. Their goal was to steal goods as reparations payments as they didn’t believe the USA slaves were unable to pay the second installment. The evil ones occupied the WEB,  google, twitter, Facebook, transportation,  coal mines, railways, steel works and factories – all things that were important to USA ’s economy. Now All Americans must bow to the Chinese….
  • So Senator Schumer becomes a comrade abortion lawyer for the red army who allows more dreary gloom and violence….
  • But now, I must digress from this. Does it seem as something democrats said about Trump in 2016 the WWIII?

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